Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thing I Remember #1: 2008

Chill out bruh, it's just MySpace. 2008

I'm highly nostalgic and I like lists. Let's combine the two. Welcome to the first installment of Things I Remember. I would have used a better picture but I got a new computer and this was literally, LITERALLY the only picture I could find in a pile of old emails I sent myself as record.

Things I Remember from 2008

1. medieval times in Dallas
2. saying my goodbyes
3. leaving San Antonio
4. arriving in Charlotte
5. it felt good. I wasn't alone
6. and then I was alone. for a long time
7. losing out on a job for the worst reason and it was a terrible feeling
8. then there was the bookstore
9. driving around the city a lot. I didn't have a gps or internet at the time
10. the bookstore was easy
11. reading a lot of textbooks
12. walking often, eating well, and feeling good about my body
13. visiting El Paso and seeing my aunt for the last time
15. here comes my future husband
16. what a goofball
17. doing a lot of adult things. I was 24/25 and felt grown up. it was a wonderful feeling
18. oh the wisdom teeth! all four gone. no going under. I went back to work a day or two later. *drops mic*
19. establishing long term friendships
20. craft fairs
21. first kiss on election night
22. oh no this guy just moved right on in. guess we'll keep doing this thing we're doing. hello future husband.

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