(in Ross Geller voice):


I live in Charlotte, North Carolina. I highly recommend it.

The embellishments on this blog are from Mel Stringer a la Kitschy Digitals. I use my Nokia Lumia (why you laughin?) and Nikon D40x for pics. Photos are edited most often in the Afterlight app, and occasionally PicMonkey.

My favorite things to create with are old photos, washi tape, dictionary pages, magazines-old, new, and international, yearbook pictures, and the illustrations used in old school textbooks.

For mixed-media I mostly use acrylic because I'm bad at watercolor, and I swear by acrylic gloss medium to keep everything on lock. I always embrace the Process Art movement when creating a piece. I find creative therapy and am happiest with my work when it is 1. made in the moment 2. done fearlessly, and by experiment and 3. developed using destruction (I like to make, destroy, and rebuild).

I am highly inspired by the region I grew up in, all of last century I guess, Sarah Ahearn Bellemare, Girl Goddess #9, the Japanese crafting movement, women activists, Minna GilliganBeth Hoeckel, and Rookie (because I think I'm still 15).

More than anything I like bookstores, home decor on the cheap, and studying people and cities (y'know--that thing I went to college for).

Instagram & Twitter: @brookeisfarout
Hello Urbanist on Facebook: facebook.com/hellourbanist

There is more to me than what I share on the internet, thank you for getting this.