Monday, December 16, 2013

Notes and Things

Hi. Hi there. I've been wanting to start blogging again but where do I pick up after being away for a couple months? With a collection of random thoughts, news, and links of course!

1. Those are my sheer pink curtains above. They make everything pink in this room.
2. Nourish Interactive has some fun (read: free) kiddo printables.
3. One of my favorite mixed-media artists Sarah Ahearn Bellemare is offering her Painted Pages Workshop again. I neeeeeed.
4. Hey! I'm getting new glasses tomorrow! It's only been three years.
5. All the Monday links you need: Anne Helen Peterson's Pre-Christmas Media Consumption List.
6. News site I've been obsessed with: the Cities section of The Atlantic.
7. Read about The Hidden Mother by Linda Fregni Nagler (can also be filed under: Today in Kinda Creepy History).
8. Bitch has put together their 200th mixtape for your enjoyment. Thank you, Mother Christmas.
9. The Vintage Ephemera section of Voices of East Anglia is a treasure trove of delight.
10. Is anyone else thinking of New Year's resolutions/goals/promises yet? I've got three things I definitely want to do come January One: keep a daily journal; continue developing the two workshops I have lined up for 2014; and read more fiction. I am a lady of leisure.


  1. You are super cool online and in real life. I didn't know you had this blog. I haven't been on mine in FOREVER. Let me know about your workshops! :-)

    1. Yes yes I will! The two big ones I had planned for this year are Memoir Art Jounaling and a four-week series on Creativity + Community with lectures, discussions, and art journaling :)