Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hello, I Love You.

Black Salt Collective--an amazing group of multicultural, multidisipline artists, visionaries, and more!

The cutest pregnancy journal ever by Bianca//Good Night Little Spoon

One of my favorites, Natalie at Awkward + Beautiful gives the best tutorial I've seen so far on doing image transfers. This one is with water and packaging tape, aaah so easy, yay!

Is this real life? Kate Gabrielle of Scathingly Brilliant has a super adorable home! Ohhh myyyyy!

As you know, I am forever homesick. I'm like a sad, mopey puppy or squirrel or whatever and I'll collect anything that reminds me of home. I've been enamored with the poetry of Sandra Cisneros lately, one of my favorite authors as a teen. So I ordered Vintage Cisneros, an anthology of some of her best passages, to add to the library. And also, there is this blog.

Also ordered: these red heels. Just because.

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