This is a collection of my collage and art journals up until early 2013. To see what I've been up to since, follow the "art journal" tag.

Primary Collage Journal, unfinished
Started in: 2008
Materials used: Paper-from magazines, later from vintage magazines and books also; stickers (infrequent)


Cosmic Ephemera journal, unfinished
Started in: 2012
Materials used: Paper-mostly from vintage books, catalogs, and magazines; scrapbook paper; washi tape; stickers; stamps

Recipe Journal, unfinished
Started in: 2013
Materials used: Recipes from magazines; paper-mostly from vintage magazines; scrapbook paper, washi tape; stickers

Mini Painting Book, unfinished
Started in: 2012
Materials used: Paint-mostly acrylic; various papers including cards, photos, and vintage pieces

Smash Journal, unfinished
Started in: 2012(??)
Materials used: Photos; washi tape, Smash accessories; paper