Monday, July 29, 2013

Recent Materials

Above: 1972 York H.S. (South Carolina) yearbook//Washi tape-always and forever//1970s girls and teens patterns//Stamps!//Tickets from a traveler's collection

It hasn't been easy finding inspiration after such a heavy, emotional period in our lives. But doing Vintage Charlotte last month helped reignite my passion to make and create again, as did rearranging (for the upteenth time) le craft room. As is the story of my life, I'm trying to find my groove and stick to a routine, all while juggling daily life.

So guess what--my interests have finally entered the 1970s. Say whaaa?! I have been on a crazy 70s binge collecting all the paper goodies I can. The hair! The clothes! The designs! I can't believe I'm finally there, haha.

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