Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Child's Room

My silly rearranging-happy mind decided it'd be a good idea to switch out my child's room with our bonus/craft/class/guest room. I emptied the kid's room 100%. Nothing was left in the closets, the walls were stripped, everything. And then when I started moving alllllll my stuff--the tables, the insane amounts of paperthings, the tchotchkes, I realized there's no way I could fit a bonus room full of junk into such a small space. Also there was no space for my clothes, which usually reside in the bonus room closet because J-Dub owns our master closet. Mmhmm.

So back everything went, much slowly too. AG's room was put together immediately but it took me weeks to get the bonus room back in order. The kid's enjoying her newly redecorated digs though, and so am I. I got rid of a ton of toys and what was left was put into baskets and bins. Homegirl requested a New York City wall and the only thing left to do now is put up curtains.
I found yards of the most wonderfully groovy fabric online and I can't wait to use my horrible sewing skills to turn it into some half-ass curtains!

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